Excursion through the Chestnuts trail in the Palatinate Forest


The Palatinate Forest is a treasure of our region. Together with Vosges Mountains in France it forms the UNESCO-designated Palatinate Forest-North Vosges Biosphere Reserve, one of the biggest forests in Europe. Do you like to explore a palatinate landscape by hiking? We will hike on the chestnut trail (Pälzer Keschdeweg) between forest and vineyards, with nice landscape views and historically important places of the Palatinate region.



1st group: 6 May 2017

2nd group: 13 May 2017

The groups should be of

maximum 20 students

Roundtrip ticket: 5 € ,

Payment at registration

Meeting point:

Landau Westbahnhof

10:25 a.m.

Some useful information:

  • Please take appropriate shoes and clothing: e.g. hiking shoes, umbrellas or raincoat/rainproof clothing;
  • Recommended to take 10 € pocket money, since we will have an opportunity for a coffee break;
  • We will start the trip from village Albersweiler, which is 10 min away from Landau Westbahnhof;

  • There are NO dangerous animals in the forest. The inhabitants of this forest are squirrels, foxes, various kinds of birds, wild boars* (*do not occur on chestnut trail).



This excursion is organised by startup company Kompas Consult GbR


Contact person: Alisa Melnikova, melnikova@uni-landau.de

Advanced training programme


Distance learning and double degree in a modern university -

the right way of internationalisation


Campus Landau, April 24-29, 2017





Updating of knowledge and obtaining of new skills in the field of internationalisation,

partner cooperation, department and central administration coordination




You have a great opportunity to gain new experience

and to actively participate with a presentation,

fruitful discussions and seminars in all modules:


  • Challenges for today‘s educational system
  • Building of cooperation networks
  • Intensive update of soft skills
  • Technical requirements and competences
  • Effective coordination of double degree and distance learning programmes

Target group: heads, representatives of international

relations and research/study transfer departments


Contact and coordination: M.Sc. Alisa Melnikova




  • Fee: € 200* or € 250;
  • Registration fee includes: workshop materials, certificate of participation, leisure programme, coffee breaks and lunches;
  • Register with CV and formless application via email to melnikova@uni-landau.de
  • Registration deadline: March 3, 2017
  • Presentation submission deadline: February 27, 2017


*For participation with submitted presentation on one of workshop‘s modules

This excursion is organised by startup company Kompas Consult GbR


Contact person: Alisa Melnikova, melnikova@uni-landau.de





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